It’s now mid-November. The pathways are starting to get icy; the nights are turning ever colder, and the Christmas adverts have started on television in full force. There’s no denying that Winter has well and truly started to arrive, and with it, all of its wonderful festivities. One thing that doesn’t tend to go so well in the Winter though, is house sales. Everyone wants a quick sale, and the time you’re least likely to get it is proven to be in the Winter – simply because nobody wants to move! However if you are needing to sell up in the Winter, there are a few tricks of the trade that’ll help you to sell more quickly, and here’s what they are.

Utilise All of Your Available Space

One of the first steps you should be taking when figuring out how to sell your house fast, is to utilise all of the space that you already have available.

All of us wish we had more square footage when it comes down to selling, right? This is because honestly speaking, space really is what sells a property – but remember that you don’t have to have loads of it, to give the illusion of it being there!

When was the last time you really sat backed, looked at your rooms, and assessed the furniture inside of them? We’d hazard a guess that it’s been a while – and the longer you’ve lived in the same house, the more furniture you’re likely to have acquired over the years, that’s a fact.

Have you ever considered that all of the furniture you have on display isn’t actually necessary? In a lot of households, this is undoubtedly the case. People fill their front rooms with unnecessary arm chairs and drinks cabinets thinking that they add something to the space, when in reality all of they’re doing is taking up valuable space. Bright airiness is difficult to achieve in Winter – but it isn’t impossible, and is in fact what a lot of people look for.

Try going a little bit minimalist, and getting rid of furniture that’s unnecessary – even just until you move house. We’re not saying you have to throw it all away. Simply put it into storage for the duration of the viewings. If you don’t want it anymore however, putting it to good will or into charity shops never goes amiss. More and more people are buying second hand and upcycling these days so you never know, your trash could be another person’s treasure!

Be Welcoming

Presuming that you’re giving the property viewings yourself, it never ever hurts to be a friendly and welcoming host. When selling your house, one of the make or break moments is when potential buyers come to visit your house – so ensure you do a good job of it.

By “welcoming”, we don’t mean that you need to be best friends – after all, above all else this is a business transaction. All we’re saying is that the more at ease and comfortable they feel in your home, the more likely they are to like it. Remember they’re buying a HOME, so make it feel like one. Remind them that they can ask you anything, make them a cup of tea or coffee and be enthusiastic. It never goes amiss.

Turn the Heating Up

What’s one of the first things people look for in the Winter? The answer is a warm and cosy space to call their own. So if you’re conducting a house viewing and it feels even colder than it does outside, then people aren’t likely to be as impressed with it.

We understand that heating and utilities are more expensive in the Winter, but even turning up the heating high for half an hour before viewers arrive can make all of the difference. Likewise, make sure all of your windows and doors are closed in order to eliminate draughts. No one wants to live in a freezing cold house in the Winter, so offer them the alternative.

Add Some Cosy Accessories

Last of all, but certainly not least, add some cosy accessories into your home to finish the job.

Furnishings like fluffy cushions and luxe throws paired with scented candles and fairy lights are the perfect addition to any home in the colder months – especially with Christmas approaching. Remember you’re not only selling a house, but an ideology, and the promise of a warm, cosy and loving home. Make this so, and your house will be taken off the market in no time.


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