Real estate agents can’t do the job all on their own, they need your help, too. Think about it; the current homeowners can’t just sit back and relax while the agents come into the home, study it, figure out what it’s worth, and start welcoming potential buyers into the house. Why’s that? The answer to that question rests solely on the fact that these agents that are hired, by you, don’t know your home inside and out like you do. Sure, they can get an inspector and appraiser in them to figure out what’s wrong with the house and to see how much it’s worth, but you’re the one that can spark up the house by telling your agent(s) what’s so spectacular about it. With your input and the real estate agent’s expertise, your house could be sold in as little as now time.

Instead of having this article focus on the tips and tricks that ONLY the real estate agents have and use, we’re going to focus on the tactics that these agents use along with the current homeowners to get your house bumping in the real estate community. 

Let’s get this show on the road.

Look up your homes market value and list it as is, or even a bit lower.

Putting a high price on your home will not get buyers in there immediately. If you want out of your house because you need to sell it before moving into another, or because you’re trying to downsize your property, you’re going to want to sell it for cheaper than what it’s really worth. However, if you have time to play with, don’t use this tactic.

Basically, the trick here is to make it look like your home is on sale. If you have to, point out that other homes in the area that have similar benefits as your home has (perfect lawn edging, three bedrooms, similar square footage, two bathrooms, etc.) are more expensive. Ding, ding, SALE!

Be prepared for home showings.

If your home is on the market for a cheaper rate than what it’s worth, buyers may start to get iffy and wonder what’s wrong with the home. Show them that they’re wrong, there’s nothing bad about this place.

In other words, showcase your house to the public in a way that they can’t deny the beauty of it. Make it look stunning. Organize areas that are cluttered, bring in a few extra decorative objects, and make sure the place is downright clean. Give prospective buyers some ideas as to how their home could look if they say yes to the sale.

Photographs are meaningful, especially before setting up an in-person appointment.

We like to see the place we’re interested in before we set foot on the premises, and we’re sure you’re the same way. The pictures that we see of the property are the so called ‘first impressions’ that we get of the place, and if they’re not winning us over, we’re probably not going to set up an appointment with the current homeowners or real estate agent. If we can offer you a bit of advice, we suggest you adopt this method, too.

With that being said, have a professional photographer come in and take pictures of your house. Let them help with the selling of the place. A great photo can say a thousand words.

You’ll have to have a semi-free schedule to book showings with potential buyers.

If you’re in a rush to sell your house, you shouldn’t be extremely picky with when you’ll be scheduling in bookings. Think about it this way, if you have a particular time scale that you can only work with, many people interested in your home may not be able to make it to your time slots. They have lives, and so do you, so we understand that you’d rather have your bookings work around your schedule; however, that’s not going to get you too far with selling your home.

Open up your schedule and leave it open until your house is sold and the closing processes are completed. That way, you’ll see a variety of inquiring people and you’ll get your house moving. You might have to cancel Saturday night date nights for a while, though.

Real estate agents don’t do all the work, as we suggested in the introduction. They simply tell us homeowners what to do and guide us on the right path to get the ‘check-off’ list done the right way, so to speak. They could do their job without your help, but that’s no fun. They need your help to go through with the motions no matter what, legally. 

With that being said, we hope you enjoyed our tips and tricks on how to sell a home faster with the help of a real estate agent. And if you’re in the market to sell your home fast, we hope we lent a hand in making the process go as smooth as possible!

Remember, selling a home isn’t the easiest task, but real estate agents do their best to make sure it’s at least fairly simple.


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