Natural light—whether it is in the form of brilliant sunlight or muted overcast light — is always better than artificial light. Designers and researches alike have concluded that natural light brings with it a host of aesthetic benefits, including making a space brighter and bigger, which inadvertently increases an occupants productivity, and enhances their mood and comfort.

Not to mention the fact that, utilizing natural light effectively can lead to substantial energy savings. In fact, Dynamix Group, one Mumbai’s leading real estate developers, has built residential projects in Thane, with passion and precision keeping exactly this in mind.

To further increase your intake of natural light, read on for efficient hacks to transform your home by significantly increasing its exposure to daylight.


Allow your living space to feel brighter and more spacious by washing your walls in lighter hues. Light colours reflect the natural light entering the room instead of absorbing it. So do away with statement wallpapers and dark block prints and instead favour a soft shade of white, cream or pastel colours. That being said, avoid using brilliant white as that can make a space feel cold, whereas an off-white shade will give your living space a warmer, comforting effect. Using a high-gloss paint can also be advantageous, as higher gloss finishes allows light to reflect off their surface more efficiently, giving your walls a mirror-like effect. And finally, make sure you paint your ceiling a few shades lighter than your walls, to create a sense of height and space. These simple hacks can make your rooms look a lot more spacious and radiant and enhance the natural light within them.

Doors and Windows

Try to keep the windows and glass doors clean. This ensures that dirt and dust does not inhibit the passage of natural light into your home. We also highly recommend opting for large doors and windows. Sliding glass doors are a great option and will give you a breathtaking view of the outside greenery or garden and much larger apertures for natural light to flow through.


The type of flooring can go a long way in determining the amount of natural luminescence in a house. Make sure your floors are light friendly, by opting for wooden tiles, ceramic tiles or stone floors with a polished finish. Rather than carpets, this will allow the light to reflect to a larger extent. If you are keen to decorate with carpets, stick to a light, neutral coloured weave.

When it comes to your kitchen or bathrooms, glass tiles will enhance natural light. Glass tiles reflect almost all of the light that hits them. Glossy ceramic tiles are another option to attain an equally reflective effect.

Furniture, Accessories, Upholstery

Apart from the walls, floors, doors and windows, there are plenty of other things which may seem unimportant, but do go a long way in enhancing the radiance inside a house. Indeed, making some smart changes to your furniture, interior accessories and upholstery can do the trick.

In the kitchen and bathrooms, opt for glossy units with shiny surfaces. Again, this will further reflect light which filters into the space, and make the room look bigger and brighter.

In other rooms as well, incorporate furniture and accessories that have a reflective surface to help diffuse light. Remove dark furniture and accessories in favour of lighter shades wherever possible. Metallic, glass and mirrored accessories will further help in making the most of the light available and give a stylish touch to your home.

Give special attention to your blinds and curtains. Remember that dark, heavy window curtains and block out blinds prevent natural light from entering your home. On the other hand, light-coloured lace curtains and Venetian blinds will flood your home with natural light.

So, even if your home doesn’t get as much natural light as you’d like—you’re now equipped with quick and easy hacks to turn that around. And if you’ve been dreaming of that ideal home, then it’s time you get acquainted with a number of 2 bhk ready for possession flats in Thane.


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