You are finally ready to downsize your home and while you have enjoyed the detached house lifestyle you are looking forward to a change. The thought of buying a condominium even a few years back was not on your radar but you have been talking with friends and they have been telling you all about the upsides of condo life. Now you have changed you mind and are excited to start looking.

Buying a smaller house may be an option but there are many positive reasons to choose a condominium instead. If you look at Penticton real estate you can find many good options when it comes to choosing a condominium community. There are plenty to choose from and you will soon discover what makes buying a condo so great. These are some of the many benefits

Yard Work and Maintenance

Unless you are an avid gardener or yard putterer you likely find yard work to be time consuming and a bit of a chore. Lawns need to be cut every couple of weeks and bushes need to be pruned on a fairly regular basis. One of the advantages to condo living is you longer need to spend your days tending to your yard. Your strata association also takes care of general maintenance and repairs on the building.


If you are recently retired and are looking forward to some fairly extensive travelling you can leave your home knowing it is safe and in good hands. You do not have to worry about someone cutting your lawn or getting a house sitter to look after your house. Let your next door neighbour or someone in the strata know you are travelling and they can keep an eye on the place should they need to get into your unit 


Most condo complexes boast a number of amenities. Though some are more basic than others, they still usually have at least a clubhouse, a gym and a guest room for out of town visitors. Then there are others with swimming pools, tennis courts as well as a weight room and a clubhouse. You finally get to have that pool you have always wanted and you no longer have to pay for a gym membership. 


Do your research as every condo complex is unique but one thing most have in common is a sense of community. There are no fences separating neighbours and you can often look forward to an impromptu game of cards. There is plenty of time to get to know the people living next to you as you tend to see them in the hallways or elevator. Oftentimes people moving into a condo are looking for a more social lifestyle. 


Many condominiums are located in areas that would normally be too expensive to live. They are often built on prime real estate and are close to city centres, transit, restaurants and shopping. If walkability is on your list you will find many complexes in neighbourhoods you are able to explore on foot. Being in desirable locations means your home typically retains its value and usually even increases over time. 


Condos are often less expensive than a detached house in the same area. While you may not be able to afford a smaller home in your dream location, you can often find a condo. If you get into a complex with a great association you can enjoy a smaller price tag with many added bonuses. Though you need to factor in fees you likely will not have any added surprise expenses due to house maintenance or upkeep.

Rental Property

If you are not quite ready to downsize your home you may still think about buying a unit with this in mind. Many complexes are renter friendly and you can use it as a rental property investment during the time you remain in your current home. With many condominiums in great locations you won’t have a problem getting renters and you won’t have to deal with much maintenance as the association takes care of this. 


You and your neighbours own a share in the condo complex so keeping an eye out for one another and your shared property usually comes with the territory. Neighbours tend to know one another and security cameras are typically mounted throughout the buildings. Regular fire inspections are common and break-ins are less likely than in a detached home. Having people on either side of you also instills a sense of security.



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