Calgary is a diverse city. The city spans from thick suburbs to a fast paced downtown hustle to a relaxed countryside. The land and real estate diversity in Calgary ensure that nearly any potential buyer will find an attractive and suitable property option. But what communities are best for what buyers? Seniors may enjoy quiet and classical communities, while busy singles likely value downtown convenience and affordability. For families, a number of specific aspects go into defining a suitable community.

Other children in the community, access to schools, local amenities, low crime rates and more can make a Calgary community perfect for your familyÕs needs. These are 4 communities in Calgary that are perfect for families, all for specific reasons. Parkland One key community consideration is how many other families and children live in this area? Families often prefer communities with younger populations in order to offer their children them most chances to make friends and have fun.

In Calgary, Parkland has the largest population of residents under the age of 15. The Parkland Community Association also offers a variety of youth clubs including Cubs, Sparks, Karate, soccer and more. Parkland also offers large and well-priced homes that can be perfect for growing families. Tuscany Most every parent believes in the importance of education. Parents want to raise their families is communities that offer a close proximity to local schools. Calgary is also full of a diverse population with different faiths ad learning needs. The community that is ideal for your family may need to offer efficient access to specific schools.

The Calgary community of Tuscany is located near 12 schools. Public, Catholic and Special Learning schools are all available within just a few kilometres of Tuscany or are contained within the communityÕs borders. Discovery Ridge Safety is another key consideration that families keep in mind when perusing communities. Parents do not want to raise their children in an area that is prone to violence or crime. If safety is your number one priority, consider Discovery Ridge. This community is under 20 years old and has developed a reputation as CalgaryÕs safest community. The community is full of young families, natural playgrounds, a cosy shopping centre and backs onto immense forestry. Discovery Ridge is not only safe; it offers amazing views and amenities that families will love.

Arbour Lake Arbour Lake is considered by many to be the best community for families, for all the following reasons. Arbour Lake is a tight-knit community that employs a strong sense of communication and local culture. A number of schools, recreational facilities, shops and large shopping centres are found either within the community or very nearby. A local food market, a YMCA, a movie theatre and many other great benefits are found right within this neighbourhood. With the addition of Stoney Trail, Arbour Lake is only a 20-minute drive from the downtown core.

Arbour Lake also centres on a large man-made lake that offers an upscale and relaxing recreational outlet as well as amazing community views for residents to enjoy. All of these amazing community amenities and lifestyle benefits come together to make Arbour Lake on of CalgaryÕs best family communities.


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