When we think of concrete surfaces, we think of dull, dark and grey, but that is all changing. You have probably seen a concrete drive or walkway, and thought that looks great and is very decorative, but you have no idea how they did it. It is done by removing the top layer of the concrete and this is known as exposed aggregate concrete. Once you remove the upper layer, you are left with a colour and texture that can’t be copied, as it is an original. As well as looking great, there are other advantages of exposed aggregate concrete and I will tell you some of them here today.

  1. Extremely Durable – As it’s concrete, then you are going to have a surface that has great durability, because it can take the worst we have to offer it. People can walk on it every day with zero effect and most concrete aggregate surfaces can last up to forty years depending on use. This, of course, saves you a great deal of money, as the surface hardly ever has to be changed, if at all. It can take most of what Mother Nature, fires at it, as it shows great strength against rain, sleet or snow.
  2. Lots Of Colours – As mentioned previously, when we think of concrete, we think of greys, blacks and dull colours, but you don’t have to settle for these mundane, boring colours. However, when the exposed aggregate surface can be seen, it can be made up of a myriad of colours and patterns. The stones contained within it may be big or small, and this provides different textures and contrasts. Each time the top surface is removed, you get a unique design completely exclusive to you.
  3. Low Maintenance – The reason for choosing exposed aggregate concrete in Melbourne, is because it takes very little effort to take care of it. It’s made from concrete and stone, so we know that it is strong and durable. You very seldom have to clean it and if you do, it’s generally done with water. After ten years, for example, it may need a power wash, but this is all something that you can do yourself for minimum outlay. It’s a great idea to get your concrete sealed, to give it that great glossy look and once you do it the first time, it is always a good idea to reseal it every three to five years, or so.
  4. The Safer Choice – When you choose an exposed aggregate path or driveway, you are choosing a very safe option for you and your family. This kind of surface doesn’t allow you or your car to skid across it, due to the layers of stones on the surface. This kind of texture is perfect and gives you that added grip, to make sure that you don’t slip and fall. It should also be able to hide your tyre marks on your drive, due to the many colours contained within the surface.

Exposed aggregate surfaces are very popular now in Australia, and you can create them to match the colours of most homes and building. Look into this kind of surface today.


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