If you had invested in a few high end apartments in Dubai a few decades ago, you would have quadrupled your investment within 10 years, and if you still owned them today, retirement has arrived early. We all know the value of getting in at the outset, which has an element of risk involved. What if the developer folds before project completion? – There could be an economic downturn? – What if the location isn’t desirable? All of these questions, at a few more, run through the mind of a property investor, and if he can find all the answers to the questions, the project ticks all the boxes, making it a wise decision, and as you got in at the outset, you obtained the lowest possible price, and it is likely the value will have increased substantially before the project is even completed. Having established the necessary ingredients for a green light project, let us analyse the factors that make up a top notch residential property investment.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

This is oh so true regarding residential property, and the location would ideally be Abu Dhabi, which is only 140km from Dubai. The bubble has burst in Dubai, meaning prices are already high, as the exclusivity factor is high (and still growing) and if you want to make a real killing, look no further than Abu Dhabi, the Middle East’s Manhattan. For those who lack the foresight, Al Maryah Island in Abu Dhabi, offers a perfect opportunity to get on the train at the first station, so to speak, and as each year prices, your profit margins will be going through the roof. Then, of course, there are the questions that need to be addressed, and without further ado, let’s look at the important factors one needs to consider when making a high end property investment.

Location Location Location

As you would expect, the property location is the most critical element, if you are looking for maximum ROI. Of course, we are talking big ticket investment, so one is prepared for a sizeable investment, and with Al Maryah Island, you have the perfect place, a couple of hours’ drive from Dubai, and this is where the smart money is moving to, as the island is everything you would expect from a prime UAE project. Following Dubai’s tradition, only uniquely stunning architecture silhouettes the sky, and one shining example is Maryah Plaza. This region of the world has already built its way to the top spot, and continues to amaze the world with new and exciting architecture, in a place where the word

Maryah Plaza

Designed by none other than Lord Richard Rogers, a world acclaimed architect, who has excelled with this magnificent creation. This is the very first high-end apartment development in Abu Dhabi, and it quite simply ticks all the boxes, with a design that allows for 360 degree vistas of what is probably the best backdrop in the region. Clear blue skies amplify the views, and there is a range of one and two bedroom units, and the penthouse suites have to be seen to experience the level of luxury, as one would expect in Abu Dhabi. Striving for excellence and ground breaking building design has been the foundation of the United Arab Emirates over the past few decades, and the neighbouring Dubai already established as the world’s premier luxury location, this is a green light investment, whatever the cost. If you had purchased an apartment in Dubai a decade ago, you would have thought the price to be high, but everything is relative, and big ticket real estate comes with a rapid value increase, which is really a given in this case.

The Developer

The only variable that has yet to be defined is the developer, which, of course, is the most vital ingredient, as it is the developer who shall construct and oversee the entire project. Absolutely no room for error when it comes to the developer, and with the world-class Farglory, the master developers of luxury living around the world, Maryah Plaza is the most sought after residential development in the region. Lord Richard Rogers rose to the occasion when he accepted the challenge, and the building is not only a work of art, it is also extremely functional and designed to accommodate the very best of luxury living. Back to the developer, a Taiwan based group, who have successfully completed over 700 high end projects worldwide – There’s everything you would expect from the cream of luxury residential designers, and true to UAE traditions, the building takes design to another level.

Amenities and Facilities

This makes up a large part of appeal, and with only the most exclusive retail outlets and superb cuisine, Al Maryah Island is a creation like no other, and as time passes, lessons are learned regarding building design, and Al Maryah is a reflection of how urban planning has improved over the past decade. The Middle East has long been the stage for numerous world class architects to show their creations, and they never fail to impress, with unique structures and top quality materials. There is a major business centre, equipped with state of the art gadgetry, where you can run your business empire, and with stunning garden areas, paradise has finally arrived in the form of Al Maryah Island.

From an investment point of view, Al Maryah Island sure does tick all the boxes, and its popularity is growing, which means striking while the iron is hot. The developer can be contacted online, and with their expert advice, you will soon be the proud owner of an exclusive residence in what is soon to be the jewel in the crown. One really needs to see this development to fully appreciate the beauty, and mere words can only go so far. Take a trip to Al Maryah Island and see for yourself, the next prime residential site for the Middle East.


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