Many homes have sash windows that need replacing because they no longer open or close all the way. Other windows may have timber frames with cracks or splits due to exposure to the elements. If you need to replace some windows on your home, consider replacing them with bay windows to give your house an interesting design element.

Types of Bay Windows

A bay window is one that projects outwards from the walls of a house and forms a bay inside of it. It allows for more light to come into your home and provides extra floor space. There are several types of bay window designs from which to choose, including:

  • Box Windows: This design usually consists of a large window or double-paned windows with a smaller window on either side. Box bay windows are often found in kitchens and act as garden windows or they can be designed as seating for kitchen tables.
  • Bow Windows: Bow bay windows have a rounded appearance on the outside and usually have more windows that other bay styles. This window provides more light for the interior of a house and usually has four to five openings in it.
  • Circle Windows: Circle bay windows are similar to bow bay windows but they have a smooth, circular design. They are often placed in master bedrooms, dining rooms, or living rooms.
  • Oriel Windows: These bay windows originated in the Middle Ages and project outwards from a wall but they are on the upper levels of buildings. They are supported by corbels or brackets and can be seen on older buildings in many cities today.

Window Materials

When choosing replacement windows, you will usually have the option of choosing aluminium, timber, or uPVC frames. Each has its benefits, though if you want windows that require less maintenance, then aluminium or uPVC will be your best options. Both types of frames can be painted or finished in a wide variety of colours and they hold up well to moisture and dry weather.

They will not crack or split as timber will nor will they swell with increased humidity; their seals will remain tight no matter what the weather is like for increased energy efficiency. The main difference is going to be that aluminium frames can sustain damage from hailstones because aluminium can be dented.

Double-Paned Windows

Since you’re replacing the windows in your home, consider having a company such as SRJ Windows replace single-pane windows with those that are double-paned. When you choose a double-pane window, your energy bills may decrease because they are more energy efficient. They can help eliminate draughts of cold or hot air so the temperature in your home remains consistent.

Double-pane windows can also make your home less noisy because they block or can reduce many of the sounds coming in from the outside. If you want to add a beautiful design element to your home that also can reduce your energy bills, consider replacing an old window or two with double-pane bay windows.


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