Whether you are a homeowner installing a new lighting fixture or a contractor wiring an extension for a client, you will likely need to purchase items from an electrical supplier. Companies servicing residential and commercial customers carry products for all of your electrical needs, and if they do not have what you want, they can usually special order it from the manufacturer.

Experienced electrical wholesalers in Sutton stock a vast array of materials.

  • Lighting
  • Cable
  • Wiring and accessories
  • Tools
  • Fire and security features

The products offered by these suppliers are often very similar, but services tend to vary by supplier.


Some electrical suppliers offer free delivery within a certain distance and charge customers who are outside the area based on the distance and the cost of the order. Others require a minimum order for free delivery, regardless of the distance, and some simply charge a flat rate for delivery. Certain items, such as fluorescent tubes and conduit, require an additional charge to be delivered.

Delivery typically occurs within a few days and in many cases the next day for in-stock items.

Return Policies

Many companies will accept returns for a specified amount of time provided that the product is unused and in the original, undamaged packaging. Returning special-order items is a bit more complicated and sometimes requires authorisation by the manufacturer and a handling charge. Some suppliers will only accept returns for special-order items if they are faulty, in which case the item is replaced with a like item.


Online orders are sometimes paid through services, such as Sage or PayPal, to protect the customer. Some wholesalers will offer discounts or special pricing to professional electricians.

Contractor or Do-It-Yourself handyman, you can find the supplies you need for your electrical installation online or in person at your local electrical supply store.


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