Generally when we talk about cleaning spaces, we think of all the surfaces, objects and elements that are below and at eye level, but it is very common to forget the amount of dirt accumulated by the ceilings, until it is too obvious.In certain places, the cleaning of roofs is as fundamental as that of the rest of the facilities, this is the case of food industries or sanitary areas.

The Critical Option

But not only in critical places it is vital to clean roofs , but in all kinds of places, cleaning roofs , avoid allergic reactions in people, helps keep spaces more bright, prevents the proliferation of insects or other pests, mainly When it comes to removable roofs or false ceilings, and helps create a better image of the spaces whether public or private. The roofing contractor services are important there.

In the company, you have been doing all kinds of professional cleanings for many years, both in the public and private sectors, and we know the importance of performing a good maintenance of all types of facilities in which, of course, an adequate cleaning is always included.

Therefore, we want to share with you this post about roof cleaning, how to do a professional cleaning, step by step, in which experts have included the following sections:

In the domestic sphere, the frequency and periodicity make you, but in the industrial cleaning , companies, or spaces for public and sanitary use, the cleaning schedule of ceilings will be determined by the activity, the volume of users of the spaces, the type of waste generated, and ventilation systems, air conditioning mainly, and degree of environmental contamination of the location.

  • Based on all this, the cleaning company will establish a roof cleaning schedule.
  • In any case there is a series of clues that will indicate the need to perform a roof cleaning , and that we will discuss below:
  • When you see darker areas with spots or shadows of soot.
  • When the originally white roofs begin to yellow.
  • When you see spots near grids or air conditioners.
  • If there are stains of moisture or mildew, it is also time to review facilities that may include roof cleaning.

If you see live or dead insects in the ventilation grilles, lights, etc., this is a clear indication that your roofs are in need of a good cleaning.If you notice bad odors when operating your air conditioning or air conditioning systems, you may have to clean the roofs.If there are false ceilings in your facility, you have to know that the camera between the original roof and the removable roof, is a nest of dirt and a space in which they can breed and proliferate insects, microorganisms, and even other larger animals, such as rodents . In this case, you should pay more attention to the cleaning of roofs in your facilities.


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