The housing trend has undergone a dramatic shift over the past few years. Today, building companies are looking for ways by which they can maximise value for money. In the past few years, the number of people who buy property has declined at a regular rate. Millennials today aren’t looking to settle in. They just want affordable living, that’s close to their place of work, and that is also comfortable. However, a rising trend within the industry as of late has been that of extensions. More and more property owners are looking for different ways by which they can extend their properties. There are many different ways by which you can extend your place and give it a whole new outlook. Here are some of the modern home extension ideas that are likely to become even more popular in 2017.

Vertical Construction

A rising trend in the past few years, that’s widely expected to grow even further, is that of vertical construction. Homeowners are looking to increase maximum value for the price they pay, and are building properties higher and higher. Rather than limiting their construction to two stories, homeowners are going over three storeys. It’s one of the best ideas for house extensions. Apart from simply going higher, you can also build another storey on top of an existing structure, like a small apartment above the garage.

Taller Ceilings

Interior design companies, such as Crystal Living, have noticed that taller ceilings are in vogue. Taller ceilings can dramatically change the look and feel of any room. It can make a place look more spacious than it is, and it doesn’t even cost all that much. If you want to extend beneath a pitched roof, a vaulted ceiling might be a better idea. It’s a gorgeous way to improve the aesthetic appeal of your place and add a bit of style and uniqueness to the whole structure.

Outdoor Rooms

Another way by which you can extend your home is to build an outdoor room that has a proper covering. A covered outdoor room can give you a nice place to sit during those winter months. It also offers protection against the rays of the sun or any other weather elements, like rainfall. You can build up the room much like a veranda or a loggia. Companies have now begun to offer a range of design choices for people who are looking to revamp their place from the outside. These garden rooms make for excellent additions in modern homes.


If you like plants, building a conservatory in your home is a fantastic idea. Easy to manage and maintain, conservatories can dramatically increase the value of your place. Conservatories also improve the way your house looks from the outside. In order to get a conservatory built in your house, you will have to hire an interior designing company. They will first study the plans of your house, and then decide where the conservatory can be built. These are the rising trends for home extensions in 2017.


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