So you want to sell your house in Orland but don’t know how to start? Hiring a real estate agent to get the work done might be the first thing that comes to mind, but this decision comes with a cost. If you have the time anyway and don’t want that extra spend, selling your house without a realtor is very much possible. We’ve prepared an easy to follow guide that will have your home in the hands of a new owner, even without a middleman to broker the agreement.

Are you ready to sell your Orlando home?

Get an appraisal for your house

Before announcing that you are selling, you must first find out the correct valuation for your home. This is the amount that, more or less, you will be comfortable settling with. You can get a good idea of how homes are priced in your area by searching online. You can also contact local real estate agents or friends in the business who can assist in determining the ballpark value of your house without having to commit. We buy houses in Orlando, too, so you can also get in touch with us to help you with price guides.

Take your own photos

When it comes to the photos you will use for the “house for sale” ads, you don’t really need to hire a pro to get it done. If you have a decent camera or can borrow one from a friend, you can take those images yourself. Make sure you get every room in the house, as well as the entryways, the yard, and other important elements that will add to your home’s visual appeal. When you post them, accompany each image with a description. Nobody knows your house better than you so this part will be a breeze.

Advertise that your property is for sale

There are plenty of web sites where you can post sale ads for free or for a small fee. The free sites will likely just list your ad and photo but you will be beside many others trying to sell their houses, too. But if you want to go forward without a real estate agent, you have to be armed with the time and patience for this part of the selling process.

To supplement your free online exposure, you can also advertise to your social media networks or post at your community center billboard. Some supermarkets also let you post House for Sale notices on their announcement boards for free or a very small fee.

Getting an energy performance certificate

The EPC is a necessary government requirement that you have to obtain before putting your house up in the market. There’s no way around it, so do this before you advertise. The EPC official website has a list of registered energy assessors in your area. Just choose one and avail of his or her services.

Schedule house viewings

You can invite prospective buyers to meet you at the house so you can give them a tour yourself. Speak to them on the phone or online and agree on time and date that’s convenient for both parties to meet. Be sure that your house is ready and clean before the visit. You need to make it as appealing as possible so you can secure a “buy.” Who knows, you might even get a confirmation before the visitor even leaves the premises. For security purposes, have someone else with you while you conduct the tour.

Negotiate on the price

Remember the valuation? That’s just an estimate of your property’s value based on objective data. The final selling price is totally up to you. To avoid going back and forth on rates with your buyer, you must decide on the lowest price you can go before you even enter negotiations.

Do not drop below this amount, no matter how tempted you are to close that sale now. If you said no to a low offer, you can consider it after a few months when no other buyers approach. Once you have agreed on the price, bring a solicitor into the picture to finally complete the sale.

Selling a home in Orlando should be relatively easy, considering the lovely community it has. Whether you are looking to purchase a bigger space, are downsizing, or want to relocate to another area, letting go of your old home does not have to require the presence of a professional realtor. Good luck!


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