The Singapore real estate market has been artificially captive low for quite a while now, but it looks like Singapore housing prices and values are going to rise by as much as 10% – if not more – in 2018.

This is all according to the CEO of the biggest developer in all of Southeast Asia, Mr. Lim Ming Yan the president and CEO of CapitaLand LTD. This is a man that is incredibly connected, a professional that understands the realities of the Singapore housing market better than maybe anyone else, and an individual in charge of a major corporation and investment firm that stands to make a tremendous amount of money in this market going forward.

Stating that anywhere between a 5% and 10% increase will happen before the end of the year, outside of any major unforeseen volatility across all of the major capital markets, the CEO also went on to state that things could get even more valuable if a variety of different economic factors all conspire together to improve the market in Singapore specifically.

Rising prices and climbing sales throughout Singapore are helping to reinforce the idea that Singapore is coming out of a major housing slump that lasted nearly 5 years. Developers – like the ones that we highlighted above – have been vying for hot market opportunities for quite a while now, aggressively bidding on land while hedging their bets that the Singapore market is about to take off in a way that no one could have expected or anticipated.

The CapitaLand company has jumped into the fray wholesale, purchasing a new redevelopment project located near the central business district of Singapore for just over $728 million. The plans for this project are to redevelop it into an 800 unit complex with residential homes, apartments, and condos – and that’s just phase I!

Mr. Lim isn’t the only person that thinks that the Singapore real estate market is going to be in for a major leap forward, either. Some of the world’s most influential and important banks, real estate investment operations, and capital investors are all looking to take advantage of a rebound that they predict is about to happen clear across Singapore and in many other spots around Southeast Asia.

OCBC Investment Research in particular believes that an 8% increase is almost guaranteed, with other major brokerage firms, real estate investment companies, and outside investors anticipating even more substantial growth the on that.

Now is definitely the time to get in on the action before the Singapore real estate market climbs as high as many anticipate it will. This could be the ground floor of the next big thing in global real estate, and while major multinational investment corporations are doing everything they can to gobble up properties throughout Singapore there still exists fantastic opportunities for smaller investors as well as homebuyers that do not want to have to pay a skyhigh premium on property in one of the world’s most exciting destinations to call home.

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