Evaporative coolers are a really energy-efficient way to cool down a home, especially in areas of hot and dry weather. They are especially popular in this country because they are relatively cheap compared to refrigerated units and are also fairly easy to service. This last point is important because it is incumbent upon every evaporative air conditioner owner to ensure that his or her unit is in good working repair and is serviced every year before the hot weather hits.

Knowing When Your Cooler Needs to Be Repaired

Most of us are not technicians or experts in knowing when an air conditioner needs to be repaired. It’s always handy to know when an air conditioner does need repairing so here are some signs that you might need to call out a company that specialises in evaporative cooling repairs in Melbourne:

  • Strange Smells: An evaporative cooler works by passing hot air over a series of wet pads within the unit. The hot air is transferred and the air is cooled. The problem is that these wet pads inevitably get dirty and may even develop mould and mildew. When this happens, the smell can be pretty awful. This is especially true of units that have not been switched on for a while and the smell will be immediately noticeable as a musty odour coming from the vents. Apart from the bad smell, it’s important not to continue running a unit with this problem. This is because mould spores can come through the vents and disseminate around the home. For people with respiratory illnesses or those who are immune-compromised, this can be a serious health risk.
  • Won’t Work: Sometimes, an evaporative unit will just not turn on at all. In many cases, it is a blown fuse that needs replacing within the unit. This is cause to call the local repair company. Sometimes the main electrical switch can trip because the unit is drawing too much power from the mains. In either case, a technician should be called before the hot weather hits.
  • Inefficient: Evaporative coolers are generally very efficient units, especially in dry hot weather, but sometimes the exhaust ducts become blocked up. This means that the unit will not work properly. If you notice that the unit is not blowing out cool air as it should, this could be the problem.
  • Leaks: Roof-mounted evaporative units have a flow of water running into them in order to keep the pads wet. Sometimes, a faulty unit will leak water. If you notice any water leaking from the unit where it should not be, call out an experienced technician to take a look.

 Be Vigilant

Evaporative cooling units are a cost-effective way for many families to keep cool during summer but they do require yearly maintenance. It is important to keep an eye on any signs that the unit might need some repair and to organise a maintenance schedule before the heat of summer.


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