If you live in Florida, your roof is much more important to you than it could be in other locations. The roof of your home protects everyone staying in your home from harsh sunshine, heavy rain, winds, hail and other severe weather conditions.

Florida has a tough climate that makes it absolutely necessary for your roof to be extremely tough. The harsh weather can cause a lot of damage to your roof. Your roof could get damaged structurally or if you are lucky, you may end up with just a minor damage to your roof.

Heavy wind is harmful to roofs. It can cause shingles to get loose and fly off. The wind doesn’t have to be hurricane grade wind to be harmful. Rain and other elements can get into your roof even if you have shingles on the roof. It’s advisable for you to pay a roofing company to inspect your roof regularly for damages to ensure that the wood underneath your roofing hasn’t been damaged by moisture. You may need to contact some local company to take a look. If you live in Stuart you can search some experienced Stuart roof repair company.

Rain especially hurricane torrents is harmful to homes. If your roof has been damaged by winds and other weather conditions, rain will find its way into your home. If there is any sign of weakness in your roof, ensure that you call a professional roofing company to assess the damage and repair the roof. If you don’t do so, you will experience flooding, mold, rotting wood and damaged structures in your home.

Hail is very dangerous for your roof. Hailstones could be very small or large. They weaken the structure of your roof. The tiniest hailstone does a little damage to the roof. Hailstones that are as large as one inch in diameter will cause serious damage. Hailstones that are bigger than one inch will cause even more damage. You need to get the damage checked out as soon as possible. A professional roofing company will inspect your roof and detect damages that you can’t see from below. They will also perform repairs on the roof as soon as possible to protect you.

The harsh sun in Florida can also deteriorate your roof. Harsh sun can make your shingles dry and make them crack as time goes on. The sun rays will damage your roof little by little. The harsh sunshine can cause cracks in shingles, and other side effects. If your roof gets too damaged, it’s best that you replace the roof all over again. UV rays can damage shingles over time. When roofs get exposed to UV rays for too long, they get brittle and thin, and they can easily get affected by other weather conditions.

Florida also suffers from extreme humidity. The state is surrounded by water bodies like swamps, lakes etc. The moisture that comes from the humidity can lead to the growth of algae, mildew and moss. Any roof will surely be affected by this weather conditions over time no matter the standard of the roof. The growth of the mildew, algae and moss will make a roof look bad and absorb moisture thereby causing further deterioration and rot.

Florida also has salty air. The state has a large coastline and homes close to this coastline will get affected by the salty air. Sometimes, tropical storms and hurricanes occur, and they carry the salty air from the coastal area to the inland region. The salt can corrode some roof components and cause failure of these components and future leakage.


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