It’s natural for anyone to wish to have his own garden when he sees gardening magazines and websites, and photos of the home gardens of the rich and famous.

However, before you start buying plants, seeds and pots haphazardly, you’ll be better off by having a plan. And the best idea is to plan a theme of your garden.

Once you choose a theme, it will help you as a guide regarding which plants to choose, what ornamental elements to add and what other features to have to make the most of your theme.

Once you start looking for themes, you’ll be amazed to see so many of them. But you can take help of someone that offers skillful gardening services Maroubra like Amico to choose the best gardening theme suited to you.

Here are some of the most common gardening themes for you to have an idea.

1. Mediterranean Garden

Mediterranean theme of gardens is very popular and is commonly found in countries like Italy, Spain and France.

Trees in this type of garden are olive, rosemary, lavender and a variety of vines and shrubs. You have to plant them around flower beds and pathways, filled with gravel.

If the area in which you live has cold climate, you will have to protect these plants, particularly during cold months.

2. Japanese Garden

If you want to have a Japanese style garden, you’ll have to use a combination of plants, gravel, rocks and water to give rise to miniature versions of nature-inspired settings.

Ideally, you should utilise simple yet clean lines to develop serene areas for meditation.

However, it should be remembered that while popularity of Japanese style of gardens is growing in several parts of the world, Zen garden may not suit most modern homes.

3. Tropical Garden

Tropical theme of gardens is recognised with the use of plants with big leaves and flowers with bright colours. You can use thick foliage and often use planting beds to create a dense tropical atmosphere.

4. Chinese Garden

Chinese garden theme is more or less similar to Japanese garden and makes use of stones, water and plants.

Chinese gardens also include architectural elements such as teahouses and pavilions to provide your place a reflection, refreshments and conversation.

You can plant a variety of plants in your Chinese garden including bonsai plants, aquatic plants, perennials and annuals. But keep in mind to plant bamboo which is an essential part of a Chinese garden.

5. Desert Garden

If you live in an arid zone, you may want to have a desert garden theme, which is a right policy because gardeners should work with their environment instead of going against it.

Desert soils are usually highly alkaline i.e. their pH is around 8 or higher. Most plants flourish in pH levels of 6 to 6.5 which means that plant choices for desert soils are limited.

The best thing to do is to choose native plants which are adapted to the weather, soil and arid conditions of the desert zone.

6. Coastal Garden

If you live in a coastal area, coastal theme of garden may suit you the most. For this theme you have to choose your plants carefully, because not many plants can survive in salt air.

If you don’t live along the coast but still would like to have a coastal garden, you can create a coastal environment and enjoy being near the sea.

Examples of plants thriving in a coastal environment are Cliff Bottlebrush, Dwarf Bottlebrush, Trailing Lantana, Evergreen Frangipani and Variegated Blue Daisy.

Take help of a reliable gardening services Sydney from Amico and create a gardening theme that will suit you the most. Such a well-organised themed garden will delight you always


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