Embarking on a construction project, whether for a residential or commercial property, requires a massive financial input. Naturally, you will want to find the best contractor in the market to oversee your project and turn it into the success you envisioned. However, how best do you conduct the recruitment so as to be sure of what you are getting into? For a first time investor, this might be a confusing matter to get around. So, the question begs, should I interview my construction company?

Definitely! Hiring a construction company is actually signing up for a relationship that you’ll have to put up with to the end. There are key questions you need to ask the potential contractor to help you make the best choice. The following reasons justify interviewing a construction company:

Establish Rapport

Hiring a contractor implies that you are going to work together in the entirety of the project period, with huge financial implications on the line. It is important to familiarize yourself with the person you are going to deal with in person rather than on paper. An interview will give you the best chance to interact with them, get a general impression of who they are and whether they are the person you are looking to work with. This will help to ensure that you have a good working relationship with the company you choose for the sake of the project.

Determine Experience

An interview will also help you to know if the prospect contractor truly has the experience they claim to have. The way they respond to questions and their knowledge of the field will bring everything out to light. A genuine contractor, like Tom Sawyer Construction,  will be confident in his replies and conversant with the details of the industry whereas a pretender will demonstrate uncertainty and lack of basic construction field knowledge.

Gauge Professionalism

The way a person conducts themselves during the interview will enable you to gauge the level of professionalism they have. From keeping time while showing up for the interview, to the attitude in responding to questions and general body language; you will get a picture of somebody who can either be trusted to handle your project with the conviction you expect or someone who will end up disappointing you.

Check Licensing and Certification

Not everything you read or hear about is true! It comes a time when you have to play the doubting Thomas and see it with your own eyes. The same is true for contractors who apply for projects. An interview necessitates that they bring along their documents and certification which you can examine and confirm that they are either genuine or not.

Negotiation and Payment

Every investor goes into a project with a certain financial plan that may at times fall short of the desired contractor’s rate. An interview gives you leverage to bargain for a favorable price and agree on a payment schedule that favors you with the service provider. Sometimes you may not be able to meet all the requirements as stated by their brochures, websites or fliers so an interview will enable you to address such issues.

Share your Vision

Through an interview, you will be in a position to explain to the construction company what you expect the completion of the project to look like. This will incorporate him into your vision from the very beginning so that it is easier to implement it and bring your dream into life.


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