Interesting Facts about Electricity

We all use electricity in our daily lives; in fact, in order to be reading this, you will be using/have used electricity to pawer your device, but other than those science lessons back in school where you learned to create a circuit and power a small light with a battery, there are some fascinating facts aboutelectricity that you may not know!

Electricity Keeps Your Heart Pumping

Believe it or not, electricity is actually helping us to stay alive. The muscles of our heart contain cells which need to be contracted by an electrical charge to move. We have an electrical current running through our bodies at all times, so our heart can keep contracting!

A ECG machine in hospital measures the electricity passing through a heart and will show a spike on the screen for every heartbeat it detects.

Lightening Fast

Electricity can travel at around 300,000 kilometres per hour, which is about equal to the speed that light can travel. When coupled with lightening, you can see why people use the term “lightening fast”.

A bolt of lightening emits around three million volts in one strike and lasts about a second.

It’s thanks to Benjamin Franklin that we know about lightening, as he proved that lightening was just another form of electricity using a lightening rod that he created.

Microwave Madness

As an electrical appliance, you’d expect microwaves to use quite a bit of electricity, for did you know that the digital clock interface on a microwave saps the most energy?

Yes, that little screen requires more power than the actual operation of the microwave itself

The Hadron Collider

The most powerful particle accelerator in the world, the Hadron Collider requires an electrical current to work. On an annual basis, the average cost of running this incredible machine is $23.5 million.

Electrocute and Execute

Ever felt an electric current connect with your body and described it as being electrocuted? Looking at the meaning of the word, it is actually an amalgamation of two words – electro and execute.

If you touch a woollen jumper, for example and feel a shock, you’ve been electric shocked, not electrocuted.

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