Sure, anybody can book an average hotel room when you come to London. But who wouldn’t want to choose more style, comfort and convenience if they could? Here are the 5 top reasons why a serviced apartment in London would be a much better option for your stay.

You can really unwind and spread out

Hotel rooms usually feel pretty cramped, especially if there are a two or more of you hanging around each other in a tight space. These days there’s no real need for that as you could have a 3 or 2 bedroom apartment in London completely at your disposal, with large living spaces made for relaxing and entertaining. Most suites are at least two times the size of an average hotel room. This equates to you being able to totally unpack for the whole time you’ll be there, spreading out, unwinding and feeling at home with plenty of space.

Getting back to a nice clean suite every day

What could be any better than coming back from a long day touring old London town, and opening your door to a tidy room with crisp linen? Having your suite serviced daily seems like a minor happening, but it will completely transform your London stay. Apart from that, full services such as porters, security and 24/7 reception will ensure that you’re looked after and can easily make your way to London’s best eating, drinking and entertainment hotspots without a care in the world.

A serviced apartment can work out to be cost effective

What will surprise most people is that serviced apartments in South Kensington can frequently cost around the same as an average hotel room, especially during a longer stay. Plus, in your own apartment you can prepare your own dinner and wash your clothes in the apartment’s full kitchen and laundry to save even more. You can have the grand styling of a modern apartment, and in a great part of London to your very own choosing.

All creature comforts and some more

Whilst you’re away from home and in London, you’ll probably want to have all of the usual conveniences, plus a little something extra. Forget paying extra for that slow internet which is found in way too many a hotel, in a respectable serviced apartment, you’ll get all mod cons and more than you would ever get in a hotel room. This is a favourable opportunity to simply live it up and experience London in true memorable British style!

 If you’re seeking a great place to stay in old London town, make sure to locate a serviced apartment in a location and area that you will find perfectly comfortable. Not only will you have an unforgettable experience, but you’ll be having a once in a lifetime visit to one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in not only Great Britain, but in Europe. Have yourself a great time!


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