The term pre construction houses may be one that you have not come across before or have dismissed because it sounds like a dubious risk when purchasing a property.  In fact, pre construction house are very popular and many projects are completed without any hitches.  If you are considering purchasing a property this way it is essential to have proper legal guidance to ensure you know what you are signing up to and your rights should anything not go according to plan.

There are several places where you can receive guidance regarding the process and confirm all the necessary documents are in order.  The most common places are a local attorney or a realtor; such as; they will both be familiar with the process and will be able to ensure your rights are protected.

The process of Purchasing Pre Construction Houses

The first step is simply to find a new development in an area that you would like to live in.  If there are properties being built it is likely that someone will be offering pre construction houses.  If you know the rough area you wish to be in then a realtor will be able to assist you in locating potential projects in the area.

You will then need to visit the site to establish what the property will look like and what the surrounding area is likely to become.  This is important as it will probably look vastly different to the pre build image.

The next stage is to visit the developer and look at the plans in more details.  There will probably be some 3D mock ups of the pre construction houses they are intending to build; this will assist you in visualizing the finished article.

This point is also a good opportunity to discuss potential changes which could be made to the overall scheme and specific adjustments you would like if you go ahead with purchasing a property.  This can really help you to feel that the property is yours and not just another part of a larger project.

You should already be aware of your budget and the price of the pre construction houses.  You must now evaluate whether the two figures can work together and the best way of funding your purchase.  Pre construction homes can be bought with traditional mortgages at the point of taking ownership.  Prior to this you will need to fund the deposit on your selected property.  You will need to be certain that you can obtain the necessary mortgage and calculate how you will create the necessary deposit.

Finally, if you feel everything looks good then you will need to talk with the developer and have a contract drawn up.  It is essential to have this properly checked to ensure you are well protected for unforeseeable circumstances; your realtor or attorney are the best choices for this stage of the purchase.  Once the paper work is completed you can sit back and wait for several years for the pre construction house to be completed.  It is worth staying in touch periodically to ensure you know how the development is progressing.


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