Real estate marketing leads are at the core of every agent’s business. The generation of real estate marketing leads is too important not to take seriously. The 21st century application puts cold calling on a back shelf, right where it belongs. For the most part, cold calling does more damage to the agent and the industry than today’s positive and expansive opportunities for generating viable real estate marketing leads. Let’s be thinking massive leads, not the old-fashioned one at a time, slug it out mentality.

Today, real estate marketing leads should enhance the agent, the agency and the industry. The agent’s goal should be to create an aura that attracts prospects and establishes the agent as a credible resource that the client must have. Generation of real estate marketing leads is about bringing prospects home, to the agent. It is not about sitting at a telephone dialing away.

Nothing about real estate marketing leads can be generic. Just the opposite! Everything about real estate marketing leads must be uniquely personal. Prospects want a connection to the agent. They just don‘t want to be pressured at the point of connection. The agent’s mission is to pave a smooth road enabling an easy path for the prospect to the agent.

Today that means employing the “Field of Dreams” approach. If the agent builds it, the prospects will come. So, build it! Get your message on the internet. Optimize your message and your site. Optimize your exposure, they will come. Real estate marketing leads respond to visual, oral and written messages.

Make your visual presentations dynamic and personal. Post your photo and communication links at every opportunity. They are your signature. Create interesting, informational articles about your community, school systems and local character. The better the information, the more personal the connection and the more real estate marketing leads you will generate. Soon those real estate marketing leads will be knocking on your door, right where they should be.


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