The real estate market has witnessed an upsurge in terms of revenue generation. This boom has attracted a lot of young and dynamic professionals into the real estate market. The boom has also affected the way real estate business was conducted. With the advent of new media and internet, the old marketing strategies have become stagnant and redundant. In this article we will give you very useful tips on real estate marketing. If you are someone new in the field of real estate marketing then you will find these tips to be very helpful from your career’s perspective.

Mark your territory:
This is the first thing that you need to do in order to be a successful real estate marketer. Even though there is no geographical limitation and you can virtually expand your reach anywhere, but that requires a lot of experience and knowledge. That’s why it’s best to start by choosing a specific area and to focus your initial efforts on it. This way you will be able to analyze the results of your efforts and you will be able to pinpoint your mistakes. It’s also easier to experiment and test out new strategies and to record the market’s response this way.

Understand the media:
Today, marketing is not limited to just print media. People consume information through different types of media and in order to be successful at real estate marketing, you need to master all of the available marketing mediums. Some real estate marketing agents prefer social media marketing while some prefer in app marketing on smart phones. The point is that you can’t stay limited to just the print media. Think out of the box and recognize the marketing opportunities.

Understand the importance of content:
Think about it, would you pay attention to an ad that simply said real estate for sale? The answer is no. you won’t give it another look. Your content has to be dynamic and attention demanding. Different media provide different creative freedom. You should analyze the type of content that is popular with respect to a particular media and then formulate your ad accordingly. For example, print media content focuses on phrases and images while internet based ads can also include animations. A thorough understanding of what type of ads are successful with respect to a particular media is very important here. If you find content generation a bit difficult then you can also handover this task to professionals such as Three Razor Media.

Todd Razor is the owner and founder of Three Razors Media. Three Razors Media is a marketing agency specializing in real estate marketing. Three Razors Media is located in Des Moines, Iowa and has over 10 years of relationship-building experience among academic, nonprofit and business-to-business communities in Central Iowa and throughout the Midwest.


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