When you think about it, marketing and advertising are things that have been in existence since the dawn of time. No matter what age or time period you exist in, guys and girls alike are always trying to market themselves to the opposite sex. As you can see though, culture in today’s society has evolved enough to where we ourselves are not the only things worth being marketed. Everything from dog food to bicycles has an ad campaign. Something that I have become particularly interested in is direct mail marketing – when a company or business will advertise to their market by sending out a physical able-to-be-held-in-your-hand object.

One example of this direct mail marketing is something I actually received the other week in my mailbox . It was an ad for a bel air real estate agent (I live in California by the way). It was a small piece of paper shaped like a house – an actual nice photo of a house for sale in the area. When you flipped it around there were pictures of inside the house and information on the realtor . To be honest it was pretty awesome – and to be even more honest, i t made more of an impression on me than a banner ad on the side of someones wordpress could have.

The other week my mom actually received some very clever marketing . She was sent a charming sample of (very soft) fabric with an ad for baby blankets embroidered on it. How hilarious is that!? Not only did they figure out a way to send a “free sample” to their target market but they did it in a way that every person who was sent one will remember it for(not ever, but at least a really long time) . So there you have it, companies and businesses worldwide – figure out a way to make an impression on your customers via snail mail and they will remember you.


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