Following is a list of real estate marketing tools a real estate agent can leverage to advertise properties online:

Social Media

Use Social Media such as Facebook, My Space and Hi5 to promote to your network of friends, relatives, past customer and prospective customers listings or service offerings.


Use video marketing such as on you tube and your website to promote listings and service offerings
Search Engine Optimization – Learn about real estate search engine optimization here

Pay Per Click – Learn about real estate pay per click here
XML Feeds

Use sites such as that allow you to send your property info to a larger network such as craiglist, vast and trulia.

E-mail Marketing

Use e-mail marketing to stay in touch with past clients as well as prospective clients. Make sure to engage with clients on a monthly basis. Keep track of e-mail open rates, click through rates to improve your messaging.

Virtual Tour Software

Use virtual tour software such as Guru Home Visions to better show case your listings on sites such as craiglist,, trulia and vast.

Real Estate Flyer Software

Use real estate flyers to send well presented flyers in e-mails to prospective customers, you can also put these flyers on sites such as craiglist,, trulia and vast.

If you would like something else added here send me an e-mail.


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