With exceptional attraction sites coupled with breathtaking sights, St Barts is ultimately the right vacation destination to get a vacation of a lifetime. But getting accommodation in St. Barts can be challenging since most rental properties are located far away from touring sites. Luckily, there are elegant rental villas where you can get great accommodation while on vacation in St. Barts. But this doesn’t really imply that getting rental villa in St. Barts is a walk in the park. It can be equally challenging particularly for first time visitors. Here are some easy ways to help you select the best rental vacation in St Barts.

Read Multiple Rental Villas Reviews

Read reviews of some of the rental villas in St. Barts to see what each rental villa has to offer visitors. Reviews will help you learn about the various villas even if you haven’t personally sought accommodation in some of those villas before. Since reviews are simply past clients’ views of a villa and the quality of accommodation services offered there, then you can get a general view of how living in those villas would be like by reading reviews. Narrow down your search for a rental review to the villas with best accommodation packages.
The Location of the Rental Villa

Location is important when it comes to selecting a rental villa and other rental properties. The rental villa should be at proximity to some of the places you intend to tour. Again, it should be close to public transportation for easy access. If you have identified a suitable villa but yet to establish its exact location, you can use Google Maps to establish the exact location of the villa. If the villa looks great and offers exceptional accommodation services yet it isn’t located at a convenient location, refrain from selecting it. It is much better to select a decent villa that is conveniently located within your reach, than selecting a luxurious rental villa that is located too far from places of your interest. In other words, the more conveniently a rental villa is located, the better the villa is for you.
Check for Any Complaints

Before you commit to renting a rental villa for your vacation, check for any complaints leveled against the villa using Google Earth and other tools. Genuine complaints from past clients should never be overlooked. They can help you avoid splurging money on renting a villa that can’t meet your accommodation needs, or one that isn’t convenient for you.

Do Your Homework

Read through rental villas listings and see the accommodating services offered by different villas, their exact location, price as well as amenities and facilities. Draft a list of top villas and then evaluate which villa best suits you. The more you research on different villas, the higher your chances of landing a rental villa that suit your specific accommodation needs.

Renting a good villa where you can live during your sojourn in St. Barts, can make your vacation in this Caribbean island more exciting. Therefore, take time when choosing your rental villa to ensure the villa you select offers the best you can ask for.


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