The coronavirus pandemic affected every economical sector in the country when it made headlines in 2020. Some industries like the property market had to adapt to new techniques of operations to keep up with the competition. Lockdown measures, as well as social distancing protocols, have made realtors and clients feel the impact in terms of operation handling and prices. This article will discuss ways in which has covid affecting renting property in central London.

Under the Lockdown

Lockdown meant that people were not allowed to leave their homes. As such, it became a challenge for clients and surveyors to view and inspect properties. This eventually led to prices slumping down to one 1.8% by May according to some news networks. This had fallen from 3.7% in the previous month. Professionals had to find new techniques like remote viewing and online chatting with clients to keep the work flowing. However, as of May, the growth of the industry showed a positive trend.

Lockdown Uplifted

As the lockdown came to an end, Marylebone Estate Agents as well as other surveyors, solicitors, and other professionals across the UK had a lot on their hands due to the high demand pent up by potential buyers over the lockdown period. The high demand has seen a great hike in property values in Marylebone as well as other areas in the UK. Nevertheless, experts in the industry predicted the prices to fall again to their previous values.

The government of the UK set up measures to avoid a collapse of the property market during the pandemic season since this would have severe consequences to the country’s economy. One of the measures put in place was cutting stamp duty. This meant that buyers would save up to fifteen thousand pounds in case they decided to acquire property before year-end. These measures made potential buyers come to a conclusion and acquired their desired property so that they would not miss out on the opportunity.

Marylebone Experts in Real Estate

Many companies in Marylebone provide services relating to real estate. However, Jeremy James and Company have succeeded in satisfying their customers’ expectations beyond a reasonable doubt. The company has been providing services in the industry for a long time operating for over thirty years in Marylebone. It was founded by Jeremy Cohen who stayed and operated inĀ 

Marylebone from the eighties.

The firm has specialized in different areas of the industry from handling sales, leases, and management of the property. The firm prides itself on having the top Marylebone estate agents in town to provide buyers and viewers with high-standard customer services. The staff members are experienced with intense knowledge of the area.

Selecting Jeremy James and Company is an advisable option for people looking to enjoy quality services at affordable rates. The company prioritizes attention to detail.


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