Are you fed up with paying rent every month? Have you ever thought about rent to buy homes? Yes, you can own your home today, instead of wasting your money for rent, you can buy your own house through rent to buy home.

The average rent in any state is about $350 per week, that is $18,200 per year and for 5 years that is a total of $91,000. And guest what you are paying off your landlord mortgage. All this time of paying rent over the last five years you are also trying to put money aside and save for that deposit of owning your home. And on top of that all property prices will be increasing over the years and that means more savings and more rent to get to your target of home ownership.

Thanks to rent to buy homes option with which you need not to pay dead rent money. Rather you can pay your home today. This is very easy. We agree on the price of the property today, you move, stop paying rent, decorate and make changes to your house as it is yours with no need to ask the landlord.

Further, there is no need of a big deposit like traditional loan lenders demand for. You can own your home today and enjoy the comfort and convenience with our home ownership program.

No matter whether you are facing problems in your home ownership due to

Little deposit
Self employed
New migrant
Bad credit etc
We are here to help you with our unique rent to buy home option. Purchasing the house is the biggest investment of a lifetime. But owning your own house gives the feeling of safety and pride. The advantage of owning home is that it is the biggest investment which has great resale value. Our own home gives us comfort and convenience and great investment of life that is why we know that getting into your own home is much better than renting and paying someone else’s investment off.

Our home ownership program has made owning your home very easy. Stop with paying dead rent money, paying off your landlord’s mortgage, stop with saving a massive deposit, or no lifestyle just to come up with a deposit in getting into the property market. Be smart investors for your future, and get into a rent to home buy property with us and secure your future today.

Start your mission to buy your own home with us now by getting Pre qualified for your free 30 mins personalised consultation to start your journey.

Do not waste your time. Get ready to take the advantage of this great opportunity now.

From the team at Rent to Home Buy – “Home Ownership Made Easy”


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