Each to need its own place to live, but unfortunately the purchase or construction of a clean house is not within reach of every budget. If your financial situation does not allow it, renting is often the only way to have a clean room. You pay a monthly fee to the lessor for “using” his house, and the landlord, in turn, must ensure that the house is still in very good condition. Problems of heating or humidity and so on are the responsibility of the lessor. But how does it work, rent a house or apartment? We list below some frequently asked questions and their answers!

Rent starts with … Lease agreement

Let’s start with the lease contract! Once the verbal leases were common, but since 2007 the written lease is required. All essential things are mentioned in the contract, such as data of both parties, a description of the house, the rental price, recurring costs, the start date of the lease and the agreed rental period. The lease contract can be terminated at any time, regardless of the duration of the lease. If the lessor terminates the contract he has to give a notice period of six months, if the tenant terminates the lease there is a notice period of three months. Finally three copies of the lease agreement will be needed: one for the tenant, the lessor and one for contract registration.

The registration of the lease contract: what, how, who?

The landlord of a house must register the lease at the registration office where the unit is located. This registration is free of charge and ensures that all important aspects of the contract are recorded in a register. This is advantageous for the tenant, because he will be protected if the house would be sold. Obviously this recording is also advantageous for the same lessor, because without recording the tenant may terminate the lease without notice. The lease must be registered within two months of the contract signing.

Is it necessary to pay a rental guarantee?

The lease agreement provides rather general aspects, but it is better as a description of housing. Thus, you avoid discussions about damage and / or damage. Usually the landlord will request a guarantee to protect against such problems. This guarantee shall not exceed an amount equivalent to two months rent unless the tenant wants to pay that amount in several installments, in which case the guarantee can not exceed an amount equivalent to three months’ rent. If there is no damage caused by the tenant after the termination of the contract and there are no arrears of rent, the tenant will refund the full deposit.

How much does it cost to rent?

If you rent it may happen that the landlord requests a guarantee, but it is a one time fee. In addition, you will pay the monthly rental price and possibly additional costs. In homes for family and apartment buildings the landlord may, in addition to the rental price, charge additional costs for maintenance of common areas. However, a landlord is required to mention both the rental price and the additional costs on the ads, posters, … on which the house is offered for rent. Moreover, please ensure that the costs of electricity, heating, etc. Be included or not.

How long can I rent?

The most used method to rent an apartment or house is the nine-year lease. Is the duration not specified? Or is it specified between three or nine years? Then the contract will automatically be considered a nine-year agreement. There are only three exceptions: leases of three years or less, contracts lasting more than nine years, and the life lease. In this case you can, as a tenant, have accommodation until the end of your days. The contract will automatically terminate if you die. Obviously the tenant also has the opportunity to re-contract the contract, with a notice period of three months. The lessor on the other hand can not terminate this lease agreement.

Rent on a budget is it possible?

Disadvantaged families or families with modest incomes are able to rent public housing. These houses or apartments are rented at cheaper and more affordable rates based on income tenants. Unfortunately the waiting time for public housing can be rather long, so not all families will receive housing immediately. In addition it must meet some conditions to rent such housing. Would you like to know more, then you can always visit the company housing in your area .

Tips for renting a house

The construction or purchase of a place to live is not within the reach of all scholarships. Fortunately renting a home or apartment is a good alternative. The rental begins with the lease in which all the important things are noted, such as the rental period and a description of housing in order to avoid discussion afterwards. Also people who have minimal budget can rent a unit, that is to say, a house or a social apartment. This way everyone can enjoy their own home!


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